The Rhode Island Retired Teachers Association (RIRTA) serves the interests of retired educators in the state.  Founded in 1945, RIRTA serves our members by promoting the economic, social, and professional welfare of retirees.

Our activities are planned and executed with the good of our members in mind.  We support legislation to protect and improve retirement benefits for educators, and work with other groups to safeguard and enhance the interests of Rhode Island Retired Teachers Association members and provide helpful resources to retirees throughout the State.  Membership dues are $10 per year and RIRTA publishes a quarterly newsletter.


The purposes of the Rhode Island Retired Teachers” Association are:

  1. To Promote the social, cultural and educational interest of its members.
  2. To promote activities and legislation that will will improve the financial status and general well-being of Rhode Island retired educators.
  3. To cooperate with local Rhode Island Retired Teachers Units and other educational associations in the interest of the retired educator and in furthering the advancement of education.
  4. To promote the purpose of the National Retired Teachers” Association, AARP’s Education Community.